I would like to invite all members to send me there photos of there bucks this year, Hack Albertson and I are going to be putting together some dvds and are working towards the production of "The Real Deal" hunting show dedicated to the Education and Motivation of all people, we are extreme , and the best in the world at what we do, we will judge all entrys, and determine a winner, whats the prize?, we are offering $100.00 to the winner, so send those entrys in and good luck, you can send your entrys to ronaldstewart@live.com, thank's and good luck.

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I can use $100. I'm in. Good luck on your production guy's.
Sounds good to me! Count me in. I guess I have to get one first huh? LMAO
Too cool.
I hope I will have a photo to send in. but If not I will look forward to seeing everyone elses
Im in!
Get me into this thing... :) Goodluck all!
I'm in.
Thanks for the chance to win some $$$$$$.

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